BLA Archives
The records from 1950 to 1987 for the Baptiste Lake Association (formerly the Baptiste Game and Fish Protective Association, the Baptiste Cottagers and Resort Owners Association and also the Baptiste Lake Conservation Association) can be viewed in the documents below. Meeting minutes for both public meetings such as the Annual General Meetings and non public Directors meetings are included in these PDF documents. The documents were created by imaging the numbered pages of a "Record" book and contain both hand written and type written documents.

BLA Records 1950 to 1953
BLA Records 1954 to 1958
BLA Records 1959 to 1961
BLA Records 1962 to 1965
BLA Records 1966 to 1975
BLA Records 1976 to 1980
BLA Records 1981 to 1986
BLA Records 1987
BLA Records additional pages (reverse order)

Documents on this page are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view them. Adobe Reader is available for download here.
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