Baptiste Lake Association Mission Statement
The Baptiste Lake Association is a voluntary group of members committed to representing the interests of the residents of the Baptiste Lake area. The Association works closely with residents as well as all levels of government to conserve and enhance the environment of the lake and its surrounding area. The initial association was founded in 1949....

The Mission is to be achieved through the observance of the following goals and objectives:
  • To monitor water levels and quality on an ongoing basis.
  • To actively promote land use planning policies and programs for the lake which have a long range vision, and help retain the character of the lake.
  • To promote water and boating safety.
  • To inform lake residents about official plans, by-laws and building codes affecting their property.
  • To inform lake residents about government action which affects them.
  • To educate lake residents and others about the environmental impact of their actions.
  • To maintain membership in FOCA, BACA and other non-profit organizations dedicated to the cause of conservation.
  • To promote a sense of community among the lake residents through the support of social events.
  • To promote fire safety and prevention.
  • To promote, maintain and support links with the surrounding community.

For general inquiries or to find out how you can volunteer to help the BLA, please contact MyBaptisteLake@gmail.com. For more information on how you can help the BLA by becoming a BLA Member or by donating funds, please see our BLA Membership page.
Important announcements from the BLA

Recent Posts May 15, 2021
In addition to the three new posts immediately below regarding the Spring Newsletter, organising a Septic pump out and Website updates, the following pages have been updated:
the Community Events page has been updated with an item regarding a Cottage Succession Planning webinar.
the News page has been updated with a message from Kelly at Think Turtle Conservation.
the Lost and Found page has been updated with a message about a found top level of crib.

Spring Newsletter status
The Spring Newsletter has been sent to the printers and we are expecting to mail them by the end of May.

Septic Pump-out by barge for Boat Access Cottagers
Pauline Hawkes is organising an opportunity for boat access cottagers’ septic systems to be pumped-out this summer 2021. It requires at least 10 cottagers, we last did it in 2016.
If you are interested please, call or email Pauline Hawkes

Home 613-332-4736 or Lake 613-216-2182

Recent Website updates
When a user logs into the BLA website, the 'Login as BLA Website Member' button is replaced with a 'Logout' button and text as to who is logged in. Also a user logout routine has been added. As was the case previously, a login is only valid for 30 minutes after which you will need to log in again to perform any of the three activities requiring you to be logged in.

Recent Posts May 07, 2021
The following BLA web pages have been updated today.

Changes to the BLA Website menus
Recently changes were made to the menus to make The Lake Plan link easier to find and navigate by adding it to the top level menu and splitting the links that were on the previous Lake Plan page into 3 categories, “The Lake Plan’, ‘Research’ and ‘Implementation’ each with their own page. Also the remaining sub items on the former ‘Baptiste Lake’ menu item are now located as sub menus on the ‘Lake Talk’ menu item.

BLA Website now using HTTPS transfers
The BLA Website is now using encryption for all data sent to and from the Host Server and your device. The paddle lock icon will now appear beside the URL in most browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge) and you will no longer get a "Insecure Connection warning message" when logging into the BLA website as previously was the case with some browsers.

Letter from FOCA
The attached email was sent to the BLA Directors from the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations (FOCA) upon renewal of the BLA's membership in FOCA.

If you are a paid up member of the BLA, you are entitled to certain benefits including the boat and cottage insurance program CottageFirst. Please see the attached document for all of FOCA's current member benefits and offers.

Dear Baptiste Lake Association Board of Directors.doc

FOCA Member Benefits CODES 2pg overview Feb2021.pdf

New discussion topics
Two new discussion topics has been posted on the Lake Talk-->Discussion-->Government And Politics page titled:
   Seasonal class for electricity delivery and
   Road Improvement Issues in HH.

Webcam at Country Fare
Unfortunately the webcam at Country Fare is currently not operational. This service has been provided to the BLA by an independent contractor at no cost to the BLA. When this service will be available again is not known at the present time. This posting will be updated when more is known.

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