Baptiste Lake Association Mission Statement
The Baptiste Lake Association is a voluntary group of members committed to representing the interests of the residents of the Baptiste Lake area. The Association works closely with residents as well as all levels of government to conserve and enhance the environment of the lake and its surrounding area. The initial association was founded in 1949....

The Mission is to be achieved through the observance of the following goals and objectives:
  • To monitor water levels and quality on an ongoing basis.
  • To actively promote land use planning policies and programs for the lake which have a long range vision, and help retain the character of the lake.
  • To promote water and boating safety.
  • To inform lake residents about official plans, by-laws and building codes affecting their property.
  • To inform lake residents about government action which affects them.
  • To educate lake residents and others about the environmental impact of their actions.
  • To maintain membership in FOCA, BACA and other non-profit organizations dedicated to the cause of conservation.
  • To promote a sense of community among the lake residents through the support of social events.
  • To promote fire safety and prevention.
  • To promote, maintain and support links with the surrounding community.

For general inquiries or to find out how you can volunteer to help the BLA, please contact MyBaptisteLake@gmail.com. For more information on how you can help the BLA by becoming a BLA Member or by donating funds, please see our BLA Membership page.
Important announcements from the BLA

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The following pages have been recently updated with a list of prizes for the Pike Tournament and to add a 'Local History' link:
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Pike Tournament
Please refer to the BLA Events page for up to date info on the upcoming Pike Derby.

Spring Newsletter
The Spring Newsletter was mailed on April 12th. If you have not yet received your copy yet, please contact the BLA.
Also, the newsletter has been posted on the website at Newsletters.

Proposed Cell Tower on North Baptiste Lake Road
Earlier this year, we posted on the BLA website that at the February 1st open Hastings Highlands Council meeting, Council voted down the proposed Rogers' cell tower on North Baptiste Lake Road. However, since then, Council has reversed that decision. On February 15 in a closed-door meeting, Council decided to reopen the vote and gave approval for the proposed cell tower on North Baptist Lake Road.

From Laura Mason on behalf of the Guest Family:

To everything there is a season! It's been 34 years (12, 375 days) since the Guest Family purchased Baptiste Lake Marina. We are happy to announce that Baptiste Lake Marina is being purchased by a group of like minded cottagers who want to revitalize it and make it all that it can be. Carolyn is retiring after dedicating a good portion of her life to a business she loves. We want to take this opportunity to thank you, our customers. There have been many ups and downs - not the least of which were the loss of a great man and a global pandemic. We have had the privilege of watching your families grow over the years. Thank you for your patronage and your friendship. The people of Baptiste Lake and the town of Bancroft have added so much to the Guest family and for that we are truly thankful. We know that the Marina is in GREAT HANDS and will be everything that the lake needs. We will miss being on the lake but we want to wish the new ownership group all the best as they embark on this exciting adventure. Thank you again for all you have done for our family and for sharing a part of your life with us. Happy Boating!!

Announcement from Michael Arbour:

I am excited to let everyone know that the marina is going through a revitalization. A group of like-minded cottagers have taken over the ownership of Baptiste Lake Marina. I am thrilled to let everyone know that the marina is in good hands.

As cottagers and boaters, the new owners understand the importance of a stable well-run marina on a great lake like Baptiste. Not only does it provide convenience, but it also provides value to the lake.

I want to wish Carolyn all the best in her retirement. She built up a great legacy and I know the new owners will build on that.

I am also happy to let everyone know that Kevin has agreed to help with the transition and operations of the marina.

Look forward to seeing you at the new Baptiste Lake Marina.

FOCA benefits
If you are a member of the BLA, then you are a member of the Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA). As a FOCA member, you are entitled to certain benefits. These benefits are described here. You can see a description of what FOCA does by clicking the FOCA link.

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