Baptiste Lake Association Mission Statement
The Baptiste Lake Association is a voluntary group of members committed to representing the interests of the residents of the Baptiste Lake area. The Association works closely with residents as well as all levels of government to conserve and enhance the environment of the lake and its surrounding area. The initial association was founded in 1949....

The Mission is to be achieved through the observance of the following goals and objectives:
  • To monitor water levels and quality on an ongoing basis.
  • To actively promote land use planning policies and programs for the lake which have a long range vision, and help retain the character of the lake.
  • To promote water and boating safety.
  • To inform lake residents about official plans, by-laws and building codes affecting their property.
  • To inform lake residents about government action which affects them.
  • To educate lake residents and others about the environmental impact of their actions.
  • To maintain membership in FOCA, BACA and other non-profit organizations dedicated to the cause of conservation.
  • To promote a sense of community among the lake residents through the support of social events.
  • To promote fire safety and prevention.
  • To promote, maintain and support links with the surrounding community.

For general inquiries or to find out how you can volunteer to help the BLA, please contact MyBaptisteLake@gmail.com. For more information on how you can help the BLA by becoming a BLA Member or by donating funds, please see our BLA Membership page.
Important announcements from the BLA

Spring Opening event
It's that time again! Join us at Birch Cliff Lodge on May 19th, 2024 from 5 to 7 pm to meet and greet friends and neighbours and kick off another fantastic season at Baptiste Lake! Snacks and beverages provided. Hope to see you there!

Spring Newsletter
The Spring Newsletter was mailed on April 29th. If you have not yet received your copy yet, please e-mail the BLA.

Also, the newsletter has been posted on the website on the Newsletters page.

High Falls (Baptiste) Dam Repairs Summer 2024
The Directors of your Baptiste Lake Association have offered to provide helpful Dam Repair updates to our members and community at large.
What you should know:
The proposed work includes Concrete Re Facing to the entire downstream side of the Overflow Spillway, Concrete Spot Repairs to the Sluiceways, raising the South Wing Wall by .5 meters (i.e the portion near the shore), Removal and Replacement of Sealant between Concrete Joints for the Spillway and Abutment area, the replacement of logs as needed and Replacement of the existing Gain Covers.
Work on the Sluices can begin starting on July 1st, and work on the Overflow Spillway can begin after July 31st. Please note that the Tendered Contract must be finalized before any official start date can be confirmed.
Most importantly for you to know is that Water Levels will be closely monitored, governed and adjusted by the MNRF Bancroft District Staff. Water level changes will take into consideration weather conditions (rainfall and or dry conditions) and work related requirements.
The Boat Launch Parking Area at the Dam will be cordoned off for the Construction Inventory and Staging needs.
A more concise update will be provided in your BLA Spring Newsletter.

75th Anniversary!!!
It's our 75th Anniversary! To commemorate the occasion we have produced T-shirts which will be available for purchase at our upcoming events (or contact us at mybaptistelake@gmail.com to make other arrangements).

T-shirts are $25 each and available in S, M, L, and XL.

Baptiste Lake Dam Update
Funding has been allocated for the Baptiste Lake dam repairs. For details, see the article from MyBancroftNow.com.

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